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GUIPRO has twenty years’ experience using CAD-CAM technology in the mold design industry, as well as in the development of the product. It can operate in any market sector and it employs advanced technology for the development, planning and industrialization. It has been several years now since GUIPRO has entered the design world, with excellent results, and bringing great satisfaction to customers. Once any project is defined, the design team processes the external measurements in cooperation with the planning and development team. In the Treviso province, as in the entire Trent-Veneto region, an entire class of entrepreneurs is engaged in productive investments in the consumer goods sectors, concentrating on processes relating to industrial work in new materials. The industry must now develop a new production strategy that is no longer based on products destined for large mass markets, but based on many smaller markets characterized by trends on an expressive level. It is no longer necessary to imagine products that appeal to everyone, but products that are able to “select” their own users, promoting themselves toward a specific group of relevant customers. Therefore, the search started for new concepts of environmental and product quality, which could help determine a recognizable “emotional value”, capable of becoming a reference point for new consumers. An emotional value that is not determined solely by the functionality or by the ergonomics of the object, but also by its level of expression, for which materials, shapes, weight, smell, touch and perception are all active factors. To respond to this new market organization, the design must make use of all the freedom that new technology and new materials can offer, not forgetting, however, to also re-evaluate traditional and artisanal materials, provided that they are able to respond to the cultural issues of new social groups.


Design - 90%
Planning - 80%
Industrial molds - 60%
Prototypes - 40%